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Toro Gato, Kat Graham’s Alter Ego, and His True Meaning

has come a long way 

Kat Graham has gone a long way since her days on “” as Bonnie Bennett. When the show ended after eight seasons, the actor was forced to leave Mystic Falls and strike out for herself. She has done so.

Graham has appeared in several major films since the show’s conclusion, including her portrayal of in the Tupac Shakur biopic “All Eyez on Me.” She has also appeared in a few films, including the recent rom-com “.” 

The former ‘TVD’ star has also recently gotten engaged 

The former “TVD” star has also previously suggested to her long-term boyfriend, director, and cinematographer .

Graham has recently demonstrated her musical abilities amid her acting projects. While she has released music under the name Kat Graham, the artist has also developed another persona that some fans may not be aware of: .

 In an interview with E! News

Kat Graham, an artist, drew on her West African ancestry to create her Toro Gato persona.

In an interview with E! News “,” the singer revealed her unique start, revealing she researched her ancestors and collected various garments representing West Africa. Interestingly, Graham believes her alter ego is “Kat Graham the actor,” not Toro Gato. 

Fans also saw Graham’s transformation

Graham’s transition as Toro Gato was also seen by fans on “,” where she disclosed that her new identity was also about letting go of control of her sense of self.

“I think as women, we occasionally feel the need for control, and I think control takes away a lot of our security vulnerabilities and honesty,” Toro Gato, the artist, clarified. Toro Gato, then, isn’t a mask or alter ego, but rather a true reflection of who she is — good and bad.

Kat Graham had previously released music

Kat Graham had earlier released albums on her own, such as her 2017 album, “,” and the late, great Prince had even begun working with her on the album before his death, according to Complicated. However, the artist’s work as Toro Gato was a complete departure from what fans had previously heard.