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Top Gun debunked an MCU X-Men cast rumor: Maverick Breakout Star

X-Men character Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, rumored to be joining the MCU, debunks the online rumors. Since the MCU launched in 2008, Marvel Comics characters have been incorporated into the franchise, but mutants have not been allowed to. 

X-Men rights have been returned to Marvel Studios after being owned by 20th Century Fox for several years, and the characters will soon make their way into the MCU. Many Avengers players, such as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, had to be excluded from the films or were reimagined as non-mutants for the longest time.

Several iconic roles are featured in the movie.

The Marvel Studios rumor mill was rumored to reveal its X-Men plans at Comic-Con this year, but that did not happen. The mutants are nowhere on either Phase 5 or Phase 6 of the plans, even though they were announced as part of Phase 5. 

Even so, rumor mills are still churning online, with several actors allegedly being considered for iconic roles in the movie. Halle Bailey recently had to debunk false Kitty Pryde reports that never existed, which illustrates how wild rumors and gossip can sometimes get these days, suddenly becoming credible or even true.

The rumor is acknowledged and clarified.

Following Bailey’s clarification, the actor has been forced to debunk rumors about joining the MCU as an X-Men character. The actor who plays Hangman in Maverick, Powell, tells Variety there’s no truth about him playing Cyclops in the MCU. He acknowledges the rumors and clarifies.

It was never confirmed by Marvel Studios or Disney if Powell had been booked as Cyclops in the MCU. Similarly, a Twitter user quoted Bailey’s profile piece, claiming the outlet had revealed she was to play Kitty. 

False reports regularly

Despite not even mentioning the X-Men, Marvel, and Kitty, the article still garnered a great deal of buzz on social media, causing many to assume that it was true. While Powell would certainly be an excellent choice for Cyclops, it’s important to remember that many reports that turn out to be false are sourced from sources that are not reliable. 

A statement from the star of Top Gun: Maverick himself should be a useful reminder of the importance of being careful where you get your news. Aside from that, it would be premature to cast the X-Men for the MCU since they don’t have a set project for the Multiverse Saga, and it’s unlikely they will wait until Phase 7.


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