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Tom Brady was seen in New Orleans before an ‘emotional’ Saints game, despite rumours that he and his wife, Gisele, were having problems

left his hotel room before Sunday's 'emotional' game

Tom Brady was seen leaving his hotel room in New Orleans, Louisiana, before an “emotional” game on Sunday. He led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory over the Saints while rumored marital problems with his wife, , were causing him stress.

Tom Brady was seen in New Orleans before an ‘emotional' Saints game, despite rumours that he and his wife, Gisele, were having problems

The 45-year-old quarterback, who has seven rings to his name, was seen throwing an iPad on the sidelines between plays. This was a big change from his usual calm and collected behavior on the field. Earlier in the week, speculation continued to spike that problems were growing in his relationship with the former supermodel as she was reportedly seen crying into her cell phone while on a walk in New York with their daughter. Tom and Gisele have been married for 13 years and have two children together. His 15-year-old son, John “Jack,” lives with his ex-wife, , and they share parenting duties for him.

Tom in navy blue tracksuit and white sneakers

Tom looked ready for anything as he wheeled his bags through the lobby on his way to the game. He was wearing a navy blue tracksuit and white sneakers. After Brady's tough game on Sunday, he spoke to the press and answered a few short questions. The former star of the tried to stay positive, but he admitted that he was human and let his “emotions” get the best of him when he was seen yelling on the sidelines and then throwing an iPad.

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Getting things done

“It was just an emotional game,” Brady told reporters after the team beat the Saints 20-10. “I think that getting things done a little better would help everywhere. The defence played well, the line played hard, and everyone who was in there played hard. Tough group. Very well-trained. We have a lot of trouble with this team, so it feels good to beat them.”

Part of the trouble in their marriage comes from the fact that Brady came out of retirement earlier this year after his wife thought he would have more time to spend with the family after years on the road as the quarterback who has won the most games of all time.

People claim Tom and Gisele are working through their troubles, but it's hard

His problems on the field could be related to the problems that people say he has off the field with the Brazilian stunner. People say that Tom and Gisele are trying to work through their problems, but it's hard for them to do so because they live in different places. Bundchen lives in New York, and Tom stays close to the team in . “Gisele was walking alone on the West Side and crying into her cell phone,” a witness told Page Six recently after seeing the stunning 42-year-old walking in Tribeca.

Tom's return devastated Gisele

A different source told Entertainment Tonight that Bündchen and Brady's problems are worse than they seem because they can't even see each other because they live hundreds of miles apart. “Gisele has been telling Tom for a while that he needs to spend more time with the family, and when he retired, she thought she was getting what she wanted,” a source told the outlet. “When Tom told her he was going back to the NFL, she was crushed. Gisele is very hurt.” “Gisele is mad at Tom and wants to be alone right now,” said a second source. “She is being pushed as far as she can go. She has always been there for Tom and helped him, but now she is done. She thinks Tom isn't acting like himself lately.”

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