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Tim McGraw Tumbled Into The Crowd: Another Stage Fell Off The Stage During Arizona Concert

In the same week, was injured after suffering a nasty ; Tim McGraw likewise worried fans as he took a tumble in Concert.

The 55-year-old singer fell off the stage during a concert in , , on ; however impressively made a quick recovery. He was performing his hit I Like It, I Love It when he strolled to the furthest limit of the stage and bowed down while turning his back to the group.

Arizona Music Festival

The country music sensation showed up at the Boots in the in Tempe, Arizona, on Sept. 17 and took a shocking fall off the stage. The 55-year-old singer was owning his set until he unexpectedly lost his equilibrium while praising his guitarist during an electrifying performance.

The hitmaker stayed on his knee, with his back facing the unruly audience. At the point when he hopped up to continue singing, he staggered close to the edge of the catwalk. McGraw endeavored to stabilize himself, yet gravity pulled him down. Security ran to the unforeseen accident to help the “Humble And Kind” singer, yet he easily continued forward without missing a beat.

They fell off the scene

Once McGraw established his feet on the ground and fixed his signature dark rancher cap, he arrived over the iron barricade to interact with excited ticket holders. Without a scratch or cut in sight, the platinum-selling artist got some margin to shake hands around the pit.

A concert participant got the incident on camera and shared the recording on . In under 24 hours, the clip accumulated 121.5K views. Social media clients rushed to the remarks to compliment his professionalism and ninja-like reflexes.

More performances from the Concert

Following the incident, McGraw invited and Hurd to the spotlight to cover his 1995 classic “I Like, I Love It.” As the snappy tune reverberated through the field, the country crooners took care of one another's energy to deliver a stunning exhibition.

McGraw previously wrapped his critically acclaimed nationwide visit with , Alexandra Kay, and . The honor-winning artist is scheduled to perform at Boots and Blends and GoldenSky in bright California toward the beginning of October before he concludes his effective festival run. This isn't the first time McGraw has fallen off the scene. In 2018, McGraw needed to seek medical therapy after collapsing at a show in Ireland.

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