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Tim Allen receives backlash after his joke on Joe Biden went viral

Social Media users criticized the comedian for making a joke on President Biden's “60 Minutes” interview, which is going on Twitter.

Tim Allen's tweet

The 69-year-old comedian on Monday tweeted 's appearance on the “60 Minutes.” Which Allen tweeted

“Biden was on for 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was.”

This Tweet quickly escalated into a controversy, making users slam him with their replies. Twitter handlers called the comedian disrespectful to the president, while other users slammed the comedian by saying his joke was lame and not very funny.

One user slammed him for calling,

“I think the funniest thing Tim Allen has done in the last 20 years is assume that he's still in any way relevant.”

Tim Allen replaced

Due to remarks like the one he made on Twitter, a few users believed that Allen had been replaced as Buzz Lightyear in the most recent episode of the immensely popular “” franchise. And another user mentioned that's why Tim Allen isn't the voice of Buzz Lightyear anymore.

For all four previous “Toy Story” films, Tim Allen voiced the animated character Buzz Lightyear but in 2022, he was replaced by movie “Lightyear.”

This brought a lot of criticism from Allen's fans, and several friends of Tim Allen from the industry condemned the change in voice.

Tom Hanks, Allen's longtime “Toy Story” co-star, said he “didn't understand” the character's recasting in a statement to . The “” actor claimed that he decided to “keep out” of the Pixar prequel since it “had nothing to do” with the character he played in that film, Buzz Lightyear.

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Tim Allen's arrest for possession of drugs

Allen's critics tweeted referencing his 1978 arrest related to drug trafficking. He served two and a half years of a prison sentence after he was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport in Michigan.

However, Allen avoided a major life imprisonment sentence by making a deal in which he provided the names of the drug dealers involved in it. He reflected on his arrest during a 2021 interview with the “” podcast.
He admitted to the wrongdoing and explained his issue with alcohol at quite a young age, and his substance abuse gradually increased after his father died in a car crash. After coming out of jail, he straightened out his life and has been sober for over two decades.

Though users terribly criticized him, many of his fans came in defense, and many Twitter users called the joke fairly bland.

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