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This week, Netflix is adding 19 new movies and shows

It’s no secret that Netflix is constantly adding new movies and shows to its lineup. A new season of a Netflix horror series premieres this week, as does a new family dramedy, a new season of a Netflix favorite, and a new vampire movie.

Our first show is Locke & Key season 3. Since new seasons usually come out in February or July, this one is a little surprising. The date this time is Wednesday, Aug 10. There is one more season of this fantasy horror show to go.

The third season will find Tyler fighting off demons once again at Keyhouse Manor. The idea that he would be able to get away from it didn’t work out as planned. There will be a big villain this season in Captain Gideon.

In the last season, he exited through a portal and is now ready to create chaos. As far as the showrunners are concerned, this season should outdo the last two. Netflix is also releasing 13: The Musical this week.

It will begin streaming on Friday, Aug. 12. It stars , , , , , , and and is based on the Broadway musical. The story follows , a boy who has just moved to a small town in Indiana after living in NYC.

On the eve of his 13th birthday, he must adapt to his new school, meet new friends, and plan the party of a lifetime. No biggie. Likewise, Never Have I Ever returns for a third season. In this season, Devi continues to deal with school, home, and relationship pressures.

With Paxton as her new boyfriend, she’ll have to deal with all the ups and downs that come along with that. As the girl dating Paxton, you might not think that Paxton is the most popular boy at school. Devi’s management of the situation will be interesting to watch.

The Netflix streaming service will also release a new film this week. Although Day Shift may sound boring, the movie is anything but. Throughout the film, Bud Jablonski does what he does best: hunting and killing vampires.

But Bud got kicked out of the vampire hunters union, so it’s not as good now. The vampires, the vampire hunters, and the unions! You want more, don’t you? Jamie Foxx is joined by , Dave Franco, Carla Souza, Meagan Good, Scott Atkins, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo in the new movie. On Friday, August 12, it will be available on Netflix.

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