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There’s No Need to Worry About Peacemaker Season 2 According to James Gunn

It was a wild week for DC fans last week. It was also announced that Warner Bros. had shelved Batgirl. A major shift in strategy was announced by Discovery this week, including plans for the HBO Max streaming service in addition to DC’s future.

Many fans began worrying about the future of other DC projects, including Peacemaker, after the announcements and changes. With the uncertainty of the situation, fans have been worried about the fate of the acclaimed spinoff of The Suicide Squad.

It appears is reassuring fans that there’s no need to worry. He took to social media to say that Season 2 will still bring “lots of peace.”Gunn responded to a fan on Twitter who expressed concern about John Cena’s upcoming series by sharing a photo of the wrestler in costume as Peacemaker along with reassurances.

He also reassured fans when news broke about Batgirl’s shelving earlier this week, writing that fans needed to “calm down,” because was safe. It is not necessary to worry about Peacemaker, Gunn wrote.

Season 2 will see our friend making plenty of peace.”Though Gunn’s comments are sure to ease Peacemaker fans’ concerns, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about not just DC projects but HBO Max more broadly.

Warner Bros. announced Thursday that it plans to merge HBO Max and Discover+ in 2023. A 10-year plan for DC Films was also unveiled, which will mirror the progress Marvel Studios President has made with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The plan is very similar to that and put together with Kevin Feige at Disney, very effectively,” Warner Bros. said. David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, said. We believe that DC will be a great place to build a much stronger, sustainable growth business.

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Additionally, we will focus on quality. There won’t be a release of any film before it’s ready. Our goal is not to release a film to make a quarter. If we were to release a film without focusing on ‘how do we make each of these films in general as good as possible? But DC is something that we think we can improve, and we’re doing that right now. As we mentioned earlier, we have a few great DC films coming up – Black Adam, Shazam, and Flash. This is something we’re very excited about.”

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