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There will not be a third season of Big Sky in August 2022

Dewell and Hoyt are ready for their next case. Does ABC have a date yet for the premiere of Big Sky Season 3? Based on what we know so far, here’s what we know. As Big Sky Season 3 approaches, there are several exciting things to look forward to. There’s only one downside to this month’s events: we won’t have the chance to see how they unfold. There was no way we could have anticipated it, but Big Sky Season 3 will not premiere in August.

The broadcast networks don’t broadcast any of their big shows in the summer. In the live ratings, the series takes too much of a dip, so we knew we wouldn’t see it until autumn. We now have more updates about the new season, and ABC has confirmed the premiere date.

There won’t be too much longer until the series premieres. Wednesday, Sept. 21 will be the day of its premiere. Though the episode is on a different night, it will still air at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time. There has been a change in the title of the new season. A new game is coming out called Big Sky: Deadly Trails.

This title doesn’t appear in one of the Cassie Dewell books by C.J. Box, so it’s difficult to predict what it could be about. There is one thing we know for sure, however. Reba McEntire will be narrating the series. Are Jenny and Cassie supposed to go after her since she is the villain here?

As well as Jensen Ackles, we also see a little bit of Jensen Ackles. A series regular, Beau, was introduced as acting sheriff in the Season 2 finale. The season will be filled with his appearances. Along with Anirudh Pisharody and Madalyn Horcher, Luke Mitchell and Henry Ian Cusick have joined the series. As well, J. Anthony Pena has been promoted to series regular, which means we will see more of Deputy Mo Poppernak in the coming episodes.

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