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There are hints that Taylor Swift may have worked with Lana Del Rey on’Midnights’ as well

Taylor, with her

is getting ready to release “Midnights,” her 10th studio album, and has been dropping hints about it.
The 32-year-old singer enjoys giving surprises. Like she had released “” in the past containing secret messages, this time is no different.
Swift announced the album at the 2022 VMAs and said it would be released on October 21 at midnight. She's raising the curiosity of the audience.

Is Lana Del working with Swift?

Recently, a fan found that 's name is on an unconfirmed credits list for an album track that had not yet been released, which opened the door to a duet between the two powerhouses with other exciting surprises.

A Series of Sleepless Nights is the Subject of Midnights

“Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights spread throughout my life, will be available on October 21,” is the caption of an pic on Taylor's account. In one of her statements, she said, “We like awake in love and fear, in turmoil and tears,” she wrote. “We stare at walls and drink until they speak back.
Swift's fans didn't hesitate to express their theories despite the singer's refusal.
Some others are hoping that Swift will confirm the long-held fan notion that she is queer, which goes back to her friendship with .
Many admirers believe that Swift dated the model Dianna Agron despite the fact that Swift has never addressed the accusations or publicly discussed her sexual orientation.

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Midnights Could Feature Lana Del Rey

According to a fan, Swift and Lana Del Rey will collaborate on a song for Midnights. When browsing the lyrics section of Genius, the fan discovered that Del Rey's name was associated with the unfinished and unverified song “” by Taylor Swift and .

Midnights was Written by Jack Antonoff

On September 16, Swift published a containing production stills she dubbed “the making of Midnights.”Jack Antonoff, Swift's close friend and frequent writing collaborator, may be seen dancing and playing the piano in one of the videos, indicating that he contributed to the song.
The video is also set to an unreleased song called “life you lead” by a musician by the name of NiceboyEd, according to Stereogum, which is unrelated to Antonoff.
However, the song's wistful intensity seems to capture the soul of Midnights perfectly. Swift hasn't stated if she's merely a fan of the new artist or if they are included on the album, too.

13 Tracks are Available for Midnight

There are 13 tunes on the album, according to Swift's announcement. Except for the unintentional release of the supposed song “Tossing Turning Ticking,” the names' exact identities are still a secret. Moreover, there will be four different covers for the “.”

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