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The writers of Stranger Things deny changing a controversial scene in Season 1

The series creators Matt and admitted to digitally altering special effects in previous episodes of , which led to speculation about other changes the duo may have made to the series without informing viewers.

“There are also things we have George Lucasized that people are not aware of,” explained in a recent interview, referring to the creator of “Star Wars” tendency to add modern special effects to his older films.

Consequently, there was an influx of theories surrounding an early episode involving Jonathan Byers taking pictures of Nancy Wheeler as she undressed. There was a viral rumor on TikTok that suggested that the Duffer Brothers had removed this scene to make the character appear less creepy, as well as avoid possible PR problems in an increasingly sensitive online environment.

Those shots were replaced with more innocent footage of Jonathan taking photographs of Barb Holland at the pool. But in the end, this theory proved to be nothing more than speculative. There have been no such edits, according to the official Stranger Things Writers Room Twitter account, which regularly answers fan questions.

There have never been any scenes from previous seasons cut or re-edited, the account tweeted. There is no way they can be. Rewatching the episodes in question would disprove the theory at hand, making it an especially interesting saga. Rather than the showrunners’ editorial decisions, the story ended up focusing on the prevalence of misinformation on the Internet.

They have previously made comments about their live edits which are consistent with their adamant denial. As Ross Duffer explained in the same interview where he admitted to George Lucas-ing things, the show only makes visual improvements and does not change story details after episodes have gone to air.

“It’s not a story, but you’re patching in shots,” he explained. “Netflix is a very strict company. I do not believe that anyone has been permitted to patch during the opening week or even on the weekend. We replied, ‘Well, why not?’He said, ‘Well, that kind of thing makes us nervous.’ So we were like, ‘Oh, maybe we’ll try it this time.’ I was completely surprised that it went well..”