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The verbal feud is on. Will Pete Davidson save himself from Kanye West

holds grudge against

Ye, with whom he shares four children with his ex-wife : North, , , and , had been verbally abusing and threatening the comedian Pete Davidson ever since they started dating in October 2021.

In the now-deleted tweet, the rapper Thursday asked followers to  “Ask Pete [Davidson] how those tattoos of my kids are doing in the trauma unit.”  

after long hours of flare-ups on .

Kanye West ridiculing Pete Davidson

Earlier this year, Kanye West came up with a video showing him abducting and purchasing a cartoon character of the comedian and hitting Pete Davidson’s ass.

He didn’t stop just with one video; the rapper bombarded the comedian in his second video, and this time he wore a “Skete” hoodie.

The relationship between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian is growing strong. The comedian stepped ahead by getting her son’s initials as tattoos on his neck, making Kanye West furious with him. 

Kanye West uploaded a doctored front page of the on Instagram with the caption, “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28” Later, the post was taken down. 

As a reason for Kanye West’s assault on the comedian, Pete Davidson had to take a “” to deal with the rapper. Pete Davidson is the only target for now, and he wishes to get personal vengeance on him. 

Kanye West shout-out entire Kardashians

He is not only pursuing Kim Kardashian but also his former -mom-in-law, . He revealed that his porn addiction destroyed his personal space with family and started texting his former wife in hopes that they could mend what was broken. 

Kim Kardashian informed Kanye West that Kyle Jenner had asked him to “please cease mentioning” her name throughout their talk.

“I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and this stresses me to no end,” 

Kylie Jenner begged him, to which he replied, Y’all don’t have so much over my black children and where they go to school.” He also added that “they will not do playboy and sex tapes” and to “tell your Clinton friends to come to get” him.

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The rapper didn’t end there. Kanye West shout-out to all the fathers of the Kardashians’ children on Thursday as he was ranting on social media and addressed them as c–m donors.