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The Venice Film Festival kicks off with Netflix’s Adam Driver film ‘White Noise’

On Wednesday

The begins on Wednesday, with set to star in the opening film “.”The movie is one of several entries competing for the top prize, the Golden Lion, as the tech giant seeks to revive its arthouse credentials.

In the second weak

In the second week of the 10-day festival, Netflix will also release the heavily hyped “Blonde,” a dark reimagining of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic life. Its Australian director, Andrew Dominik, has declared it a “masterpiece,” and it has the potential to propel Cuban actress Ana de Armas from future star to A-lister.

The streaming service is also behind “Bardo,” the latest movie from Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, who premiered his previous films “Birdman” and “The Revenant” in Venice before going on to win Oscars.

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Every year, the world’s longest-running film festival, now in its 79th edition, takes place on the beach-lined Lido island.

To launch Academy Award campaigns

It is an excellent time to launch Academy Award campaign groups, with directors having a particularly good record in recent years.
Eight of the last ten Best Director Oscars have gone to films that made their debut at Venice, including some of the most recent winners, Jane Campion for “Authority of the Dog” – another Netflix production, even if the streaming site is still waiting for its first Best Picture trophy at the yearly Hollywood awards. Catherine Deneuve, who is receiving a lifetime achievement award is also set to appear at the Lido on Wednesday.

Among the other highly anticipated entries

“Bones and All,” starring man-of-the-moment Timothee Chalamet as a love-sick cannibal on a road trip across America, will be released in the next few days, meeting up with “Call Me By Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino.

There’s also early buzz for “The Whale,” which stars Brendan Fraser as a morbidly obese man trying to get in touch with his daughter. Fraser has been noticeably absent from the screen since his heyday in films like “The Mummy” two decades ago.

The film’s director

, the film’s director, won the Golden Lion for “The Wrestler” in 2008 and premiered his Nomination for “Black Swan” in Venice.
The choice of 23 films trying to compete for the soul of a jury led by US actress is dominated by Hollywood and Western Europe.