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The Unusual Ritual of Telling Queen Elizabeth II’s Bees That King Charles III Is Now the New Monarch

is Buckingham Palace

Informing all. ’s bees were apprised of her death and the king’s accession.

John Chapple is Buckingham Palace and Clarence House’s beekeeper. The 79-year-old briefed the insects about the power changeover on September 9, one day after the queen died. Chapple told the Daily Mail, “When someone dies, you go to the hives, say a prayer, and tie a black ribbon on it.” Two at Clarence House and five at Buckingham Palace got a black ribbon and bow. 20,000 bees inhabit each hive. “Tap the hive gently and say your mistress or master is deceased but your new master will be good to you,” the expert said.

“Tell it to the bees”

The Unusual Ritual of Telling Queen Elizabeth II's Bees That King Charles III Is Now the New Monarch

“Tell it to the bees” is a centuries-old ritual. Beekeepers used to believe that the insects needed to be warned about important events, such as births, deaths, marriages, or incoming or exiting household members, otherwise, they would abandon their hive or cease producing honey.

“The individual who died was the lord or mistress of the hives; you can’t get more important than the Queen, can you?” Chapple. He told them Charles is their master. “Knock on each hive and say, ‘The mistress is dead, but don’t depart. The beekeeper said, “Your master will be good.”

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Elizabeth died on September 8 after 70 years as queen. After her death, her 73-year-old son became .

The regent announced the queen’s death to the accession council on Saturday. “I know how much you, the nation, and the globe empathize with me over our irreparable loss.” It gives me tremendous comfort to know that so many people are thinking of my sister, , and my brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Responsibilities of sovereignty

His mother’s rule was unmatched in duration, dedication, and devotion. Even while we mourn, we’re thankful for her faithfulness. I’m mindful of my huge inheritance and the hefty responsibilities of sovereignty.

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Charles and , Queen Consort, have transmitted their titles to William and Kate. The and Cambridge are also Prince and Princess of Wales. Since ’s 1997 death, Kate is .

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