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The Uk Government Issues These Regulations For People Wishing To Bid The Late Queen Farewell

Must Follow These Rules To Say Final Goodbye To The Queen 

After ’s coffin covered a journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh on Sunday, the also published guidelines for people who might line up to say their final goodbyes to the Queen.

Reportedly, would be kept at Westminster Hall from Wednesday (September 14) till Monday (September 19) on a raised platform called a catafalque, topped with the imperial state crown, orb and sceptre for the common folks to pay their obeisance.

The for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport stated that people might have to wait for long periods, perhaps even overnight. Thus people are advised to bring essentials such as an umbrella, sunscreen, and a cell phone power bank to brave any challenge that befalls them. 

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The Guidelines 

According to the guidelines, “If anyone wishes to attend the Lying-in-State, please note that there will be a line, which might be very long. Thus, you will need to stand for a couple of hours, which might be overnight, with very less possibility to sit down as the line will be continuously moving.”

People standing in line will not be allowed to bring or erect gazebos, tents, or light barbecues and fires. Moreover, in anticipation of a large crowd turning up, there might be delays in public transport and road closures around important areas.

The department added that the people needed to dress appropriately for the event while keeping their mobile phones silent inside the building and going through security. It also stated that filming, photography or using any other handheld device would not be permitted.

“Please respect the value of this event and behave appropriately. You should remain silent while inside the Palace of Westminster.”  Lastly, fireworks, smoke canisters, flares, whistles, laser devices, banners, placards, flags, advertising or marketing messages, and other items are prohibited. 

The Schedule For Queen’s Funeral 

It is important to remember that after the Queen’s coffin reached Edinburgh yesterday, people may pay their respects to her at the Palace of Holyroodhouse until Monday afternoon. Afterwards, the hearse will travel by procession to St. Giles’ Cathedral. 

On Tuesday, the Queen’s only daughter, , will accompany the coffin from St. Giles to Edinburgh airport for it to return to London’s aboard a Royal Air Force aircraft.

On Wednesday, the coffin will be carried from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall via a public procession accompanied by a military parade and members of the . The funeral will occur at the Windsor Chapel on Monday, where Queen Elizabeth II will be buried.