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The troll who teased Kylie Jenner’s lips tells her to ‘go off

It’s no secret that admits when she gets work done on her lips – but she also defends herself when she doesn’t. One follower found this out the hard way when she took a swipe at star via , and the star answered back.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians actress, 25, shared a video via Tik Tok on Saturday, August 21, with her best friend, , who is also an alum of the show. It was a prom-like moment for the two friends, who wore oversized lips and fitted black tops as they posed together with each other while Jenner set the music to Ciara’s “Favorite.”

There was a response that said, “The lips, please”, alongside grimacing, sweating, and skull emojis, to which Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner hit back with her response. “It’s the filter, but you need to turn it off,” Jenner replied, in response to The Sun.

According to reports, the reality star’s retort didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of her 2 million followers, who posted comments in response to the actress’ clap back.” I would cry myself to sleep after I heard the words, ‘It’s just the filter, but turn it off.’,” wrote a fan on Facebook.

As another said, “‘It’s the filter but go off like they don’t look the same without it either,” which seemed to be defending the original user, as his reply appeared to defend the filter itself. In response to Jenner’s critics, she has just issued yet another heated response.

Kylie Cosmetics co-founder Kylie Jenner slammed makeup artist Bennett earlier this month after he claimed that the Kylie Skin creator was not wearing the proper safety gear when in the lab to create her products and that she was “gaslighting” fans as a result.

A beauty guru on Instagram wrote on August 5, “I know the Kardashian/Jenner fans are going to come for my throat because I am calling out their cosmetic queen…but I do have to say that WTF Kyliejenner,” as a response to Jenner’s Instagram post of her working with Kylie Cosmetics products in a lab coat.

“I work for a cosmetics development company and as a part of my job, I work closely with cosmetic manufacturers. “… I’ve never been allowed into the lab or onto the manufacturing floor without a hair net, a shoe cover, a mask…as well as disposable gloves.”

The comment Jenner made about the picture read, “Kevin – this picture was taken outside of a manufacturing facility. No celeb or beauty brand owner would ever have the heart to disregard sanitary protocols, and neither would I.

There is nothing acceptable about that, I agree. Her summer seems to be going well for the alum. In true Kardashian-Jenner style, on August 10, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday by spending the day with her 4-year-old daughter Stormi and her 6-month-old son. Her August 10 birthday bash, during which she wore a sheer sparkly gown, was captioned “Twenty fine.”. She followed it up with a Tik Tok video showing her opening presents with Karanikolaou, 25, the next day.

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