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The trailer for Netflix’s 1980s-set Korean driving action film Seoul Vibe has been released

There has been footage released from Netflix’s Korean original movie “Seoul Vibe,” which will be released on Aug. 26, 2022. The action film’s retro look harks back to the 1980s when South Korea was leaving military rule behind and experiencing a new kind of cool.

It features breathtaking driving sequences, classic vehicles, vibrant visuals, and a groovy soundtrack. Moon Hyun-sung directs this stylish heist-action film about gearheads busting a crime ring just as the South Korean capital prepares to host the 1988 Olympics.

Sanggye-dong Supreme Team uncovers some fishy business regarding a VIP slush fund leading up to the Summer Olympics. Yoo Hyung-Seok and Kwon Oh-Hyun produced the film, with Andmarq Studio as the production company and UAA as the co-production company. In addition to “Seoul Vibe,” another Korean original actioner is set to be released shortly.

The Netflix original series “Carter,” which follows two months after the outbreak of a pandemic that emanates from the demilitarized zone, will premiere on Aug. 5. It centers around special agent Carter who wakes up without a memory of his past. It’s as if his head is a bomb and there’s a mysterious voice speaking to him. Jung Byung-Gil directed “Carter” and Joo Won starred in it. Apeitda Production produced it.

Source: Variety

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