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The ‘Supergirl’ movie has been scrapped too after the ‘Batgirl’ movie

Among Warner Bros.’s cost-saving efforts, another DC superhero movie appears to have been canceled. There are reports that a ‘Supergirl’ movie may not be made after the ‘Batgirl’ movie was canceled. An article by Rolling Stone explained why Warner Bros. decided to scrap ‘Batgirl’: “Now, the prospect of other DC films being dropped looms.

” Insiders say that ‘Supergirl’, which is currently in development, will not move forward,” reports aceshowbiz.com.It’s unclear if the studio wants to back out of its commitment to the ‘Supergirl’ movie as part of its change, but the report mentioned that “Warner Bros.

also finds itself in another difficult position with the upcoming movie ‘The Flash’ ” amid star Ezra Miller’s erratic behavior. A new DC Universe will be launched by ‘The Flash,’ introducing Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Superman’s cousin. A female superhero is expected to spin off from the Miller-led film.


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