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The star of ‘NCIS’ will appear in the reboot of ‘Road House’

It’s official: Amazon’s Prime Video is releasing the remake of Patrick Swayze’s Road House. Fans of the original Dirty Dancing film are ecstatic that Jake Gyllenhaal plays the iconic role. Gyllenhaal is not part of the dynamic cast, but a recent NCIS guest star will appear in the remake.

It has been announced that Ray Donavan star Dominique Columbus will star in the Road House remake as Corey Jackson, the character he played during his time on NCIS. As of now, there is no information about his role in the film. Even so, Express asserts that given the attention the new Road House has already received, his career will skyrocket.

Previously, Columbus’ career had surged when he starred alongside NCIS patriarch Mark Harmon. An NCIS team investigates a murder when a Navy officer has been murdered while escorting a recently released inmate home during Columbus’ 2021 episode, “The First Day.”

According to Give Me My Remote, “The First Day” follows the NCIS team investigating a murder after a Navy officer was fatally shot escorting a recently released inmate home. Road House, according to Amazon Studio executive Jennifer Salke, represents a home run for the company. The movie is not only a nod to the original, but it’s also big and fun for a wide audience.”Watch American Entertainment for news about the NCIS alum’s Road House role.

Has ‘NCIS’ ‘Run Its Course?

There are certain shows with a strong audience appeal that have endured on television for decades. An iconic franchise like Law & Order, produced by Dick Wolf, serves as an example. NCIS, another procedural stalwart, is about to celebrate its second decade on television.

With so many characters leaving the series and so many captivating storylines, fans have begun to wonder, has the beloved series reached its final chapter? I do not want America’s favorite scripted TV show, despite the absence of its leading character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, to end. Fans also took to NCIS’ official SubReddit to comment on its success.

The conversation began with one fan asking, “Am I alone in believing that the original NCIS has run its course?”It was noted that the fan had enjoyed the plotlines, mourned beloved characters, referenced the show at work, and more. Although the new cast is a bit more charismatic than the old crew, it just doesn’t have the same magnetic effect.

Despite this, fans of the long-running series had extremely differing opinions. The fan sympathized, writing, “You’re not. “NCIS is in its last days.”Although NCIS has certainly changed since Mark Harmon’s character departed last season, some writers think the writers have an opportunity to explore and develop new storylines.”

The other way around for me,” said another NCIS fan. I’ve found it difficult to watch the past season’s episodes. Gibbs has/had become a hulk of what it used to be.”In their words, the new characters have given the show much more energy than it had for many years before.


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