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The soon-to-be Mommy, Chrissy Tiegen, asks Whitney Cummings to be the ‘Godmother’ in the funniest clip ever

Cummings gets the most amazing honor from .

The pregnant Chrissy Tiegen is expecting her second baby with

She surprised her best friend Whitney during the live taping of a ; Good for you. Chrissy asked Whitney if she could be the to her child.

The live episode aired on 6th September. Cummings witnessed a roller coaster of emotions in the video. She was seen in an emotional and hilarious state in the clip.

The cookbook author enters the room to surprise Whitney. Whitney is completely surprised and covers her mouth as she sees her Pregnant best friend, Tiegen.
She reaches to Feel Tiegen’s baby bump. Chrissy asks her you want to be the godparent?”

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Cummings answers without a thought, ‘Yes,’ and gives Tiegen a long hug

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share a six-year-old daughter . Luna is extremely obsessed with Whitney Tiegen, exclaims.
Cumming replies that I’m so cut out to be a godmother. And I will be a mother. I will adopt or do something at some point,” Cummings adds, as Teigen agrees, “You are so incredible with kids.”

Cummings teases Tiegen that she can take it back if she wants to. Chrissy is adamant and says it’s her plan.
Cumming adds, ” When someone makes you a godmother, it’s their way of saying God doesn’t want you to be a mother so you can buy expensive s— for my child.”

John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen took to to announce the arrival of their baby, whom they call the . The couple suffered a pregnancy loss two years ago.

Chrissy was emotional, and she revealed in an interview that she might never be able to have a child due to her infertility issues.

She added, “Coming to terms with not being able to carry again is still difficult for me because I feel so healthy. I’m like, why?” she said at the time. “But then I think about it as my uterus is just not cooperating with me — and it’s not a failure.”

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