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The screening series at Locarno PalaCinema is a collaboration between Swiss film festivals

Locarno’s multifunctional , also called the city’s house of cinema, will host ten prestigious in a symbolic screening series. Nadia Dress, the Locarno Film Festival’s grand dame, who recently joined PalaCinema’s board, is behind the innovative effort, which will be launched with a press conference on Saturday.

In addition to gathering the Locarno film festival’s offices, CISA film school, Ticino Film Commission, and Swiss broadcaster RSI, the PalaCinema is also home to several commercial cinemas as well as other screening venues.

is celebrating its 75th anniversary by collaborating with all Swiss international film festivals by inviting their artistic directors to speak about their visions for their festivals, and also by choosing a film that represents that vision.

She explained that this would strengthen the visibility and strength of these festivals. “By launching this initiative, we want to highlight the variety of festivals we have in Switzerland, as well as promote the quality of their global reach and standing,” Dress said. Swiss film events’ presidents will take part in the “10 Film Festivals” initiative

Other festivals include the Zurich Film Festival; the , the largest short film festival in Switzerland; the Friborg International Film Festival; the Solothurner Filmtage; the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival; the Geneva International Film Festival; the Festival del Cinema Giovane, which treats youth cinema; and Visions du Réel, which covers documentary films. Roberto Rossellini’s “Rome, Open City” will open the monthly screening series on Sept. 15 with artistic director Giona A. Nazzaro.

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