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The return of a famous character in Halo Season 2 is confirmed

The was based on the same sci-fi action property

The famous character will be back in , even though she was shot and killed in the finale.

Many people are still not sure about the future of the show, but the cast list for Halo season 2 confirms that Charlie Murphy's famous character will be back. The Paramount+ series was based on the same-named and 343 Industries sci-fi action franchise.

It showed the war between the United Nations Space Command and an ancient alien race called The Covenant, mostly through the eyes of Petty Officer John-117, who was a soldier for the . The Halo show followed Master Chief as he looked into an old Covenant artifact that had ties to his own past and led him down a dark rabbit hole.

Makee's death on Reach looked to conclude Season 1

On his journey, Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief meets Charlie Murphy's Makee. Makee is a human who was taken in by The Covenant as a child and raised by them. He now works to infiltrate the UNSC in order to get the artefact that Master Chief found.

She pretended at first to be a Covenant prisoner who had escaped, but Master Chief saw through the lie and found out that both of them could use Forerunner technology, which, when used together, could tell them where the Halo ringworld was. Makee's death in the last battle on Reach seemed to be the end of Season 1, but a new Halo Season 2 update may change that.

Makee has sex with Master Chief

A few months after the end of season 1, Paramount+ announced that work on season 2 would begin soon. In the studio's official press release about filming, several new and returning cast members for the next chapter of the series were named. Charlie Murphy, who played the famous character Makee in Halo season 1, was one of the more surprising names on the list.

Even though critics and game fans had a lot of different things to say about the show as a whole, Makee became one of the most well-known characters in Halo season 1. In one of the later episodes of the season, she and Master Chief had sex. This was a controversial scene because it showed a soldier having sex with a prisoner of war.

Halo fans also said that Master Chief wouldn't act this way in the games. Given how important she is to the show's version of Master Chief and how his growth affects where he stands in the war against The Covenant, some may find it understandable and want her back for the second season, which is currently being made.

Makee's reappearance in Halo 2

The return of a famous character in Halo Season 2 is confirmed

It will be interesting to see how Halo season 2 explains Makee's return, since Kai shot her and made it look like she died so that Master Chief would be freed from their shared vision and could get away.

Since the end of season 1 hinted that Master Chief may no longer be in control of his body because he gave it to Cortana to save his , it seems likely that she will only appear as a hallucination for whatever is left of his mind. However, since the show is set in the future, her allies in the Covenant may have the technology to bring her back to life. No matter what happens, Halo fans can only hope that season 2 fixes the problems they had with season 1, especially with Makee.

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