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The rep for Chris Pine confirms that Harry Styles did not spit on him

has been stirring up controversies about the equation shared by the star cast of Harry, Chris, and ’s Don’t Worry Darling. According to rumors, avoided eye contact with the director of the drama during the 79th Venice International premiere.

Based on another video, Netizens are claiming that Harry Styles spat on during the premiere. In response to such claims, Chris Pine’s representative called them “ridiculous.”

Is Harry Styles really upset with Chris Pine

In response to this fabricated story, Styles told Variety that Chris Pine was not spat on. It resulted from an odd online illusion that is deceptive and leads to foolish speculation.

A rep for Chris Pine told Variety that there is only respect between the two men and any suggestion otherwise constitutes an attempt to create drama that does not exist.” There was no tension between Styles and Pine at premiere, according to a source close to the festival, and no one raised concern about potential spitting.

Harry spits on Chris in a viral video

A video that went viral showed Harry taking a seat next to Pine while he sighed. Styles might have spat at him, but many on Twitter feel it might have been coincidental as Pine looked at his shoes for a moment before continuing to clap.

He said reporters could look up information about LaBeouf on the internet during the Venice premiere press conference. Erbland, writing for IndieWire, praised Pugh and Pine for their stellar performances, which do more to elevate the film than its lacking script and stale story.

Even when the material does not meet the star’s expectations, Pugh always delivers. Aside from Chris Pine, the film cuts off their contentious relationship after a few pulse-pounding scenes.

As Victory’s revered leader, only he seems interested in and able to face off with Pugh. One more missed opportunity among many.”