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The release date for Chris Pratt’s ‘Garfield ‘movie has been announced

The new Garfield finally has an official release date, which means we can find out whether or not Chris Pratt was right to play the title role. People were blown away by Pratt’s voice work for both Garfield the cat and Mario from Super Mario Bros. At the time, Pratt’s social media popularity was experiencing a bit of a dip.

On February 16, 2024, the lasagna-eating, Monday-hating orange cat comes to the big screen. As of right now, there isn’t much information about the plot. I can’t find any news about the movie. However, we do know that Samuel L. Jackson will appear in the film as Vic, Garfield’s father.

In comic strips, Garfield’s parents have been explored somewhat, but he has never met his father, Vic, or otherwise. For the first time since 2004’s Garfield: The Movie and its 2006 sequel Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties, Garfield will be making it to theaters.

The two movies, if you don’t recall, weren’t well received. Bill Murray even jokes that they are his only regrets in Zombieland. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movies a score of under 20 percent. Here’s hoping the 2024 release helps us all forget.
In 2024, Garfield is scheduled to release once again.

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