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Shocking! The Relationship Between Gigi Hadid And Leonardo Dicaprio Was Explained By Her Father

Gigi and Mohamed haven't discussed the rumours

When new photos came out on September 12 of and looking like they were getting close at a New York Fashion Week after-party, rumours began to spread that the two were dating. Just a few days later, the model's father, , talked about the rumours of a possible fling and said that he and his daughter have known the Oscar-winning actor for a long time.

The real estate mogul told the Daily Mail, “I met in St. Tropez four or five years ago. He is a very nice man, and I liked him at the time.” But Mohamed said that he and Gigi haven't talked about the rumours of a romance between them. “I haven't talked about Mr. DiCaprio with my daughter,” he said. “I don't think they're going out together; I think they're just . But I don't really know.”

After four years together, actor parted up

People reported on August 30 that DiCaprio and his model-actor girlfriend Camila Morrone just broke up after four years together. This has only added to the rumours. The former couple, who usually kept to themselves, were first linked in January 2019. The last time they were seen together in public was on the Fourth of July. After the breakup rumours came out, a source told the magazine, “Camila is fine.” “She has a lot of friends who care about her a lot. She is making changes in her life. She hasn't talked to Leo in a while.”

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People heard from more than one source that DiCaprio was hanging out with Gigi, who has a 2-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend . A source told the outlet, “He really likes that she has her life together.” “She's grown up and has a child. He wants to be with someone who thinks the same way he does about good causes and politics.

Leo is definitely into Gigi

One anonymous source told the magazine that the two are “getting to know each other” but aren't dating yet, while another said, “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi.” “They have been seen with groups of people,” said a third source. Only a few weeks have passed since they broke up. Since then, he has been spending time with his family and friends.”

E! reported similar information from sources they didn't name in other places. “Leo has been asking mutual friends about Gigi because he wants to get to know her,” a person close to DiCaprio said, adding that they are not in an “exclusive” relationship. “They've been together a few times, and he's interested.” E! also said that, from Gigi's point of view, she is “having fun with it,” but that she is “not interested in anything serious” at the moment.

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