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The Official title of the ‘THE LION KING’ prequel announced at D23!

Prepare yourself to meet a brand-new Lion King

He served as the first king in ’s , so it’s not entirely new. But the next prequel to the iconic animated film (and the less-than-classic “live-action” version from a few
years back) will center on Simba’s father, , rather than the infant Simba.

Mufasa: The Lion King is the brand new title

As a result, Mufasa: The Lion King is the film’s official title, according to a Disney made today at D23.For many years, the project has been in development. A type of genesis narrative for Mufasa and , the film will be directed by . At D23, Disney also released the project’s official logo:

Casting news and their roles

The last information we had regarding the film was some casting news for the young Scar and Mufasa roles in August 2021. The young Mufasa will be portrayed by Aaron Pierre, who starred in Jenkins’ Underground Railroad. Taka will be portrayed by Kelvin Harrison Jr., who was most recently in The Trial of the Chicago 7. In the book The Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers, Taka and Mufasa are brothers and the sons of Ahadi, another king of Pride Rock. This prequel probably will stick to the same general plot structure as the original.

The Lion King collections worldwide !

One of the most cherished Disney films ever is still The Lion King. The Broadway version of the film debuted in 1997 and continues to play eight performances a week in New York; it is rumoured to have earned somewhere around $1 billion in its history, the most of any Broadway show ever. The original film made $1 billion, and the remake made an additional $1.6 billion worldwide.