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The Most Expensive & Luxurious Cigar Around the World

Cigar lovers love finely crafted handmade Cigar tobacco leaves rolled finely using fingers; when smoked give pure bliss to the smoker. The quality of a Cigar determines by its premium, and do you know? The best tobacco comes from Cuba from the Pinar del Rio region.

With premium cigars, money burns, and smoke fills the chest; what more pleasure do these cigar lovers needs? Here we have the 15 most expensive cigars worldwide that put your stack of money to burn.

Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

These cigars epitomise elegance. Professional cigar rollers hand roll these cigars while blindfolded, allowing their senses to lead them as they create this expensive Cigar. Gurkha’s Royal Courtesan cigars are manufactured with a rare Himalayan tobacco filling that can only be found in Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains.

Pure water from Fiji is used to hydrate the stuffing. Remy Martin’s Black Louis XIII cognac, which retails for $165,000 a bottle, is infused into the tobacco. The cigars are then covered with gold leaf. A bracelet made of five carats of diamonds connects everything.

Price: $1.36 million Per Cigar

Mayan Sicars

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

The oldest Cigar in the world is the second most expensive Cigar on our list. The was created in the twelfth century. These cigars entered the globe thanks to the Mayan culture. These cigars were found underground in clay pots in a Guatemalan community in 2012 by a team of archaeologists from Tampa University. Even after 600 years, they are made safe to smoke.
Price: $507,000 Per Box

Regius Double Corona Cigar

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

This premium cigar is made in Nicaragua by . Along with 1,000 specially rolled cigars, your 52K purchase includes a trip to the Regius Cigars headquarters in Nicaragua, a factory tour with CEO Akhil Kapacee, and a medium-body, the full-flavoured double corona.

Price: $52,785.20 Per Cigar


The most luxurious Cigar around the world

The King of Denmark is made from the best tobacco and decorated with Swarovski crystals. The Cigar also bears the buyer’s name etched on it.

Only up to 30 of these cigars are produced each day, making them hard to come by and raising the price of the King of Denmark. Customers may acquire their own limited-edition humidors for an extra $8500. The crown on the humidor is made of sterling silver and is covered in gold.

Price: $4,500 Per Cigar

Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

This Cigar has a length of 8.5 by 52 inches. These cigars are stored in a camel bone casing. A Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is used to encase the cigars. The filler is Dominican Republic-born, while the binder is from Cameroon. The Cigar flavour initially turns sour as you smoke it; eventually, it turns sweet. And in 2006, there was a limited edition release of this Cigar which are hard to find.

Price: $1,150 Per Cigar

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR) is renowned for its fine flavour and expensive cost. However, considering everything we’ve previously seen, $750 per Cigar doesn’t seem too pricey.

For a good reason, Gurkha’s HMR is referred to as the Rolls Royce of cigars. Connecticut Maduro was used to making the wrapper for this Cigar. Its Dominican filler and binder, which are 12 years old, have been matured with a whole bottle of Louis XIII cognac. Each year, just 75 boxes of these cigars are produced.

Price: $750 Per Cigar


The most luxurious Cigar around the world

These expensive cigars are made in Cuba. They are only one of the several limited-edition cigars on this list. Only roughly 100 boxes of this edition, issued in 2006 to commemorate Cohibida’s 40th anniversary, were sold.

Unfortunately, the majority of online stores have sold out. If you locate the Cohiba Behike, expect to pay more than its $470 asking price.

The tiny leaves that grow on top of some Cuban tobacco plants, known as Medio Tiempo tobacco, are used to make these cigars. The Cigar’s strong flavour is a result of this. The Medio Tiempo leaves and their restricted supply affect the price of this Cigar. These Cuban cigars are some of the priciest ones on the market.

Price: $470 Per Cigar.

Arturo Fuente Opus X

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

The Dominican Republic was not regarded as a good place to cultivate high-quality wrapper tobacco until the 1990s. Arturo Fuente Opus X, created from Cuban seeds, revolutionised music.
This Cigar has a distinct flavour that is hard to replicate. The flavour of this Cigar is leathery with a touch of red pepper. Due to the tremendous demand for these unique cigars, their price is kept high.

Price: $30,000 Per Box

Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

As implied by its name, the Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario was made available to mark the 100th anniversary of the Fuente Cigar Company. Due to many manufacturing setbacks, the business originally intended to offer the cigars yearly starting in 2002 to commemorate the 100th anniversary. Instead, only in 2008 were these cigars made available.

This Cigar has a distinctive flavour of pepper, cinnamon, and other spices since it is covered with cedar.

Price: $163 Per Cigar

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A”

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

The Opus X by Arturo Fuente in “A” form. The length of this Cigar, which is almost 9 inches, makes it distinctive. This enormous Dominican puro is enormous. With good reason, Opus X is one of the top-rated cigars. The taste is smooth and robust. The price of this Cigar remains relatively high due to strong demand and low supply.

Price: $79 Per Cigar

Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

This is a rare find from the Arturo Fuente Tobacco Company. Big evil mother is represented by the letters BBMF in this Arturo Fuente Opus X. Let you complete the remaining tasks. The name refers to the enormous size of these cigars, which measure 7 inches. Twice a year, these antique cigars in the spring and fall are made available in limited editions.

Price: $55 Per Cigar

Louixs Cigar

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

The uncommon rosado wrapper is used to hand-roll these premium cigars. To honour Louis XIV of France, the Goldwin Cigar Company created the Louix. These hand-leafed cigars are made in Nicaragua by skilled rollers born in Cuba. These cigarettes will burn for the whole 90 minutes. The Beverly Hills Cigar Club commissioned the Rosado leaf wrappers on its cigars.

Price: $50 Per Cigar

Stradivarius Churchill Cigar

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

Usually, these cigars come in boxes of 10. The Stradivarius Churchill Cigar is distinguished by its cedar scent and is made of a tobacco combination from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The flavour of this Cigar is intriguing but moderate.

Some users have described the flavour of smoked coffee beans with a hint of sweetness. The Dominican Habano seed leaf is used to roll the Cigar.

Price: $34.70 per cigar

Cohiba Esplendido Cigar

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

Since the 1960s, Cohiba has been one of the most well-known cigar brands in the world. Cohiba makes some of the world’s and Cuba’s best cigars. This Cuban Cigar has a strong, complex taste with hints of spice and sweetness. Notable for being a favourite of Fidel Castro was the Cohiba Esplendido.

Price: $34.00 per Cigar

Padron Serie 1962 80 Years

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

So far, only 100,000 of the Padron Serie 1962 80 Years are made annually, making it another restricted edition. Nicaragua produces the binder, filler, and wrapper. On his 80th birthday, this Cigar was released in Padrón’s honour.

The Cigar features some of the brand’s well-known tastes, including coffee, almonds, chocolate, orange peel, and a little spice. The business produces roughly 300 cigars each day using seasoned leaves.

Price: $30.00 per Cigar

Gran Habano #5 El Gigante

The most luxurious Cigar around the world

El Gigante, which should not be mistaken with Corojo’s Gran Habano No. 5, is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive cigars ever made. Additionally, it is, without a doubt, the biggest Cigar ever made. The world’s priciest cigars are undoubtedly available in various sizes.

Price: $185,000

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