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The million-dollar Will of Kris Jenner has one special item for North, Kim’s Daughter

’s granddaughter has one unique Handbag saved for her.

shared that a special handbag was saved for her daughter North West in Kris Jenner’s Will.

It is a Chanel Bag in the shape of a LEGO

There is a special reason to back the theory that started in Paris.

Kim appeared on The Late Show with . So when Kim was eight months pregnant with North, she was about to get her photoshoot done with designer .

A rare opportunity for anyone, right

A rumor surrounded Kim. She said, “The big myth is that he’ll give you a bag on set if it’s like your first photo shoot with him.”

Now Kim was wondering what Bag she would receive as she was on set for the shoot a whole different story began.

Kim then went on to add, “He comes a few hours later. Then, in walks, none other than Kris Jenner decked in head-to-toe vintage Chanel.”

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Now Kris won over Karl

 Kris’s outfit won over Karl Lagerfeld because he was the of the Channel until 2019.

Kim adds, “[I’m] waiting for my Bag. He comes out and he pulls out this . It looked like a big LEGO and it was a crystal one.”

Karl had some fun with Kim before actually giving her the Handbag. He had a monologue for Kim, telling her he had a special gift for her. Now the gift was Kris Jenner.

Kim expressed, “He goes over me and hands it to my mom!” “I went into the bathroom, started hysterically crying, and I’m pregnant, hormonal.”

The had decided to give the LEGO bag to her daughter North after she was grown up.

Kim said North would one day get the Bag as she has her name under Kris Jenner’s amenities.

Seems like Kim is not forgetting the LEGO channel Bag.

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