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The famous 90-Day Fiancé actress’s relationship is at risk! The heartbroken actress decided not to date again…

“Sojaboy” Umar’s romance with is worth risking everything for. As the reality star prepared to head to Nigeria to meet her boyfriend’s family on Sunday night’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Usman, 32, invited her. It feels so good to know that I will see my boyfriend , aka Sojaboy, when I step off that plane, even though I have a 25-hour flight ahead of me. Kim said she is travelling to Nigeria because she doesn’t know what her will be like if she doesn’t get Usman’s mother’s blessing.

What made the relationship difficult?

 My friendship with him is over. I get engaged, or I am devastated and heartbroken, and I won’t date again. Saying that again, I swear to you. I can’t be his friend again, either. She said I get engaged, or I go home heartbroken and devastated. “I don’t want Kim to get hurt; I just don’t,” Kim’s mom said in a confessional as she bid her farewell to in . One cannot always trust the heart. And must trust the mind too. It’s pretty much out of my hands. It is impossible to be a mother forever.” she said. After playing her favourite Usman song, Kim and chatted about Usman in the car as Jamal was driving her to the airport.

In a conversation with Kim, Usman expressed his reservations about Jamal’s relationship with him. I hope you don’t propose right when you get there,” he said. “Or we can just not.” In discussing his mom’s relationship with Usman, Jamal highlighted their age disparity after dropping his mother off at the airport.

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Kim’s expectations of Usman

My mom plans to propose to Sojaboy, but we will have to see how that goes,” he explained, “since Uthman is a much younger man, I believe that the differences between what she wants and what he wants will cause some serious issues.” It has been very painful to watch my mother get hurt in the past. She is head over heels for a guy, and things move quickly. I do not want her just to be caught up in Usman’s words since I know he is a good communicator.” It was important to me that she was happy as well as intelligent,” he said.

She appeared emotionally upset about leaving her child but said, “my heart is pounding outside my chest now” after she decided to see Usman. It never occurred to me that I would have to fly halfway around the world to find such a connection, but unfortunately, I had to.” she also confessed. “I think Usman’s family will see how much love I have for him; that is my hope if they don’t approve of me.” “Our whole relationship might suffer if they don’t approve,” she said. According to Kim, Usman will need a second wife to have children with since Kim couldn’t have a child with him. In the previous episode, Kim revealed how she plans to propose to Usman with her friends Alyssa and Vanessa.