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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex adopted a beagle rescued from testing!

A breed was tortured and abused at a breeding facility in Virginia. and adopted it as Duchess of Sussex on 11th August. Keith, the President of Beagle Freedom Project, said that Meghan has been a longtime supporter of Beagle Freedom Project, an animal rescue nonprofit, and visited the organization’s Los Angeles headquarters with Harry to adopt Mia (name of Beagle). 

About Mia (Beagle)!

Mia was bred at seven years old, and her puppies were taken and sold to laboratories. Keith mentioned that the dog’s bark history was an important factor in the royal couple’s adoption of Mia. The Duke and Duchess want to adopt dogs who are older and abused. They came over as they were gracious, kind, and compassionate. In late July, Mia was one of nearly 4000 beagles rescued from the facility owned by Envigo RMS in Cumberland, Virginia

The facility-bred dogs are sold to laboratories for drug experiments. The Humane Society of the United States reported that as of 9th August, nearly half of the dogs had been removed. The plan to remove dogs filed a civil lawsuit in May against Envigo RMS. 

Chain of violations!

Envigo had a chain of violations that included dogs receiving insufficient food, inadequate medical care, and housing in filthy conditions, and some of them were being euthanized without anesthesia. Between January and July of last year, 300 puppy deaths were attributed to unknown cases where the facility was not taking additional steps to prevent the death of dogs

Sussex takes action!

On Twitter last week, revealed that a Sussex family adopted one of the rescued beagles, including Tammy Murphy, wife of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Morty Murphy said he proudly introduced the newest family member and enjoyed much-deserved snuggles and treats. The Humane Society wrote on its website that its shelter and rescue partners plan to place eth dogs into foster and adoptive homes. 

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