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The directors of the $90 million Batgirl film are ‘shocked’ by its cancellation

It was “shocking” to hear Wednesday that the $90 million superhero film was being axed by the studio and will now never be released. Warner Bros. The DC Comics adaptation was to star Leslie Grace as the title character, alongside Michael Keaton as Batman, but Discovery canceled its release, preventing the movie from being seen in theaters or on HBO Max.

The news shocked and saddened us. The directors wrote on Instagram, “We are still unable to believe it.”It is essential that directors’ work be shown to the public, and although we hoped the final film would have been seen by fans worldwide, we regret that they did not see it themselves.”

A significant amount of post-production work — where special effects, sound, and graphics are added — had been completed by the end of principal photography. Wednesday night, Grace commented on her Instagram account that she was “proud of the love, hard work, and intention all of our amazing cast and crew put into this film over 7 months in Scotland.

“I’m blessed to have worked with absolute legends and formed lifelong relationships in the process!” The efforts of El Arbi and Fallah were praised by the two, who described themselves as “huge Batman fans since we were little kids.”

Working with great actors like Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, Brendan Fraser, and especially Leslie Grace, who portrayed Batgirl so passionately, committedly, and with such humanity, was a dream for us,” the “Bad Boys for Life” directors said. The move shocked Hollywood, where industry veterans said it was unprecedented to hold off on releasing a movie with so much money already spent.

Streaming platforms’ belt-tightening 

” Batman ” is believed to have suffered from a change in corporate strategy following Warner Bros. and Discovery’s merger. With HBO Max on the rise, Warner Bros. has committed to making movies that will be available on the streaming service straight away.

A decision to bypass Covid-hit theaters in 2021 was unpopular among creatives and appeared to have been reversed after the Discovery tie-up. According to Variety, “Batgirl” fell between two stools — not big enough for a theatrical release.

with the associated marketing costs, but too big to make sense economically in a belt-tightening streaming environment. To fill this $90 million hole in the studio’s balance sheet, Variety said a tax write-down, which reduces tax liability by subtracting losses from profits, would likely be used.

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