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The death of Lilly troubles Kevin Bacon and his family

The American actor and his family are mourning the death of a cute little family member, their beloved dog Lilly. The latter passed away earlier this summer at age thirteen. 

The demise of family dog Lilly

Kevin Bacon, his wife , and their children Sosie and Travis Bacon are trying to adjust to their lives without Lilly. Kevin Bacon took to Instagram to share an update on his life with his followers, a touching post from his place about living a life without his favorite Lilly

In the post, he reveals how he and his family have changed following the sad demise of their family dog Lilly that passed away in the summer and shared the news on Instagram. 

Short footage by Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon shared small footage with the caption, “Things change. Roll with it.” In the footage, Kevin Bacon is seen taking a tiny horse for a walk along the country road rather than walking a dog. The actor seemed happy and healthy while taking the horse for a walk. 

In the footage, he said, things change and life changes, and now the after-dinner walk with little Ricky (tiny horse name). Saying this, he turns his camera to the tiny Ricky, and followers are happy to see Kevin Bacon and his nice tiny company for his walks. 

Kyra Sedgwick broke the news

The family’s favorite, Lilly, passed away on 8th July 2022, and the family members took to Instagram to share her demise and shared some loving pictures to pay tribute to her. 

Kevin Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick stumbled the news to fans by sharing a lovely photo of the pup that was staring right into the camera with a sweet face on her bed, chewing on a rope toy where she wrote:

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Had to say goodbye to our sweet crazy girl today, while she took a piece of my heart with her, it was worth it!”

Fans were deeply touched by the entire family that shared a strong bond with the pup Lilly. Kevin Bacon’s photo proved how deeply he was bonded with the cute little one that could wag its tail out of sheer love and compassion rather than looking at the owner’s money, a good big lesson we people have to learn from a four-legged sweet love.

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