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The children’s cartoon series by Snoop Dogg premieres on YouTube

The creator of kid-friendly animated series is a new addition to ’s resume.

“Doggyland — Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes.”

On and YouTube Kids, the 50-year-old rapper is debuting a new series titled “Doggyland — Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes.”

According to a press release for the show, which was developed in collaboration with producer and singer , it has a cast of colorful canines that sing, dance, and rap to educate “social, emotional, and cognitive abilities for babies to 8-year-old children.” 

Covering a variety of subjects.

Topics covered in the program include the alphabet, numbers, animals, and good habits, all of which have an overarching theme of inclusion, variety, and acceptance.

Snoop Dogg’s voiced character acts as the cast’s leader and tutor for the other animated canines.

Building healthy and educational environments for all children has always been essential to me as a father, grandfather, and veteran youth football coach, Snoop Dogg said in a statement. 

Youtube for kids.

We wanted to make our show available on YouTube and Kids, where everyone can watch it for free.

A related album with the same name will be available across all streaming services. Four episodes are available on its YouTube site, and fresh episodes are released every Tuesday.

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