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The character of Baba in ‘See’ is a ‘great gift of character,’ says Jason Momoa

At the final season premiere of on on Tuesday, expressed his love for his character , played by him. According to this show, humans lost their ability to see hundreds of years ago.

Baba’s responsibility is to protect his children, who were born with the mythic ability to see, from those who would destroy them as a warrior and leaders of the Alkenny Tribe. It’s hard to say goodbye to a great character like Baba, Momoa, 43.

Having a way to end is nice.

When you earn the incredible opportunity of playing Baba, it’s hard to let them go. I hope everyone likes the series. It was nice to have a way to end it instead of something just ending. He continues, you do it well, and then you have to say goodbye to him.

In Season 3, Voss has defeated his nemesis brother Edo and left his family for the forest almost a year after winning. A new and devastating form of sighted weaponry is developed by a Trivantian scientist, causing Baba to return to Paya once more to protect his tribe, according to a logline from Apple TV+.

Fatherly protection and leadership

Momoa tells that he derived inspiration for his character from his mind when discussing how he is a protective father and a leader. He says it’s exactly what he would want to do, what he would do if he were in this world, protecting my babies.

This is just a game that I am playing within these parameters and these rules. , , Christian Camargo, Nesta Cooper, Tom Mison, , Michael Raymond-James, , Eden Epstein, and Trieste Kelly Dunn are among the many stars in the action-packed series, along with Momoa.

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The journey is important to Momoa

In terms of his hopes for fans, Momoa says, I’d like them to watch [seasons] one, two, and three. I want them to enjoy the journey. On Friday, Aug. 26, Apple TV+ will begin streaming Season 3 of See.

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