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The cast member of ‘RHOBH’ ‘needs a PR  ASAP,’ according to Jennifer Lawrence

has thoughts about “ of Beverly Hills

Jennifer Lawrence has thoughts about “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and she doesn’t mind telling people what they are. At the Festival, where she was promoting her new movie “Causeway,” the 32-year-old Oscar winner told Variety what she thought about a cast member named Erika Jayne.

“The worst thing about this season is that it’s been boring, and I think Erika is bad,” Lawrence said with a laugh. “I’d go so far as to say she needs a publicist as soon as possible,” I said (Jayne does indeed have a publicist).

Jayne’s co-stars should inform her she’s not looking well

Lawrence also said that Jayne’s co-stars on the show should tell her that she’s not showing herself in the best light. , , and did this on last week’s episode of “.”

Lawrence compared Jayne’s situation to how the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York” let Dorinda Medley go on camera with lipstick all over her face. During the same interview, Lawrence’s co-star on “Causeway,” , also talked about “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Henry joked to Variety, “Don’t drag me into this; I don’t want Dorinda or Erika coming after me; we’re good.” Lawrence and Henry liked the newest member of “RHOBH,” . When asked if Hilton should stay or leave for the next season, the two agreed that she should stay.

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Henry and Lawrence decided Sutton Stracke should stay

“Stay! What are you thinking? ” said Henry. Henry and Lawrence also agreed that Sutton Stracke should stay on the show. Jayne, 51, has been in a lot of legal trouble because her ex-husband, former attorney Tom Girardi, is accused of taking client money without their permission over the years.

This came to light when Jayne filed for divorce in November 2020. Since then, there have been more and more accusations against her and her ex-husband. This has been the main storyline of “RHOBH” for the past two seasons. According to the media, Girardi was sued in 2020 for allegedly taking $2 million from a settlement for the families of people who died in the 2018 Lion Air crash in Indonesia.

In the complaint, Jayne was named, and the plaintiff’s firm said that Girardi stole the money “to keep paying for his and Erika’s high-end Beverly Hills lifestyles.”

Jayne was kicked out of the lawsuit in January

Jayne was kicked out of the lawsuit in January. “Erika had nothing to do with what the attorneys did or didn’t do with their Lion Air clients, and she never got any of the Lion Air client settlement money,” Jayne’s lawyer, , told NBC. Media asked Jayne for her thoughts. In a federal court in Chicago, the case against Girardi is still going on.

Jay Edelson, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said on Twitter in January that his firm won’t “stop going after” Jayne and will file in a different court. In February, another lawsuit said that Jayne helped and encouraged Girardi to do something wrong with his money.

The $2.1 million lawsuit said that Jayne knew about Girardi’s alleged plan to keep a cash settlement from his law partner and their client, Kathleen Bajgrowicz, who was the mother of the late NFL player Chuck Osborne.

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