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The best-reviewed Predator movie ever is Hulu’s Prey

With the release of this week, the latest movie ties into the series, despite taking place three centuries ago. The film has also made history for the franchise in another big way, as it has received the best reviews in the entire Predator series.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Prey holds a 92% rating and is rated “Certified Fresh,” which makes it by far the most critically acclaimed entry in the Predator series, even beating Arnold The original Schwarzenegger-starring film won by a wide margin.

Here’s how its score and consensus compare to the others in the series several fans were concerned that Prey, production and release from The Walt Disney Company, would be watered down and lack the trademark violence of the series.

Previously, told ComicBook.com that this wasn’t a concern for the production.” The Disney issue did not affect the movie’s content in any way,” said the 10 Cloverfield Lane director earlier this year. “I’m looking forward to seeing this trailer.

I also wanted to let those who were worried about PG-13 or Disney-Made-Predator, know that I’m excited. I felt as if I was watching a movie from the 20th century the entire time. Then Disney took over the reins and now delivers it internationally, but there was never any mandate from them.

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It was scary to me some of the words we used in the script, and I wasn’t sure if they would freak out over all the descriptions of gore and stuff, so I kept saying, ‘Oh no, are they gonna freak out, intense, very R-rated movie. And I’m excited for that to be dispelled, that Disney’s gonna do ‘Disney Things.'”

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