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The best Julia Roberts movies to watch this weekend

It has been many years since has been seen in a romantic comedy, and she is ready to surprise fans of this genre once again. As part of Ol Parker’s Ticket to Paradise, the actress will share the screen with George Clooney. The film will be released in October.

While we await the return of this popular star, fans can enjoy her romantic side on the different streaming platforms. There you will find some of her movies that made her famous and made her the queen of rom-coms. She became famous for her romantic movies with Julia Roberts

A place called Notting Hill

When it comes to classic romantic movies that have received critical acclaim, Notting Hill cannot be ignored. A Julia Roberts production that left us with phrases that never go out of style, including: “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me.”.

He shares the leading role in this film with Hugh Grant, giving us one of the most romantic pairings of the seventies. Throughout the story, , a book store owner from , develops a relationship with an American star. It is available on Star Plus.

beautiful woman

Several Romantic comedies were starred by the actress, which was viewed by a variety of generations. One of them is Pretty Woman, without a doubt. As a co-star with Richard Gere, she plays the leading role in this film.

In the story, Edward, a business executive visiting Los Angeles, discovers a prostitute named Vivian. As soon as he spends the first night with her, he offers her money so that she can accompany him to different events throughout the week. It was Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s chemistry that led to their reuniting for Runaway Bride.

My best friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts portrays Julianne, a girl who realizes that she is in love with her best friend after he announces his engagement to another woman. There are just three days left for the protagonist to formulate a plan to avoid the wedding.

Another of his most famous romantic movies stars & . Through Max, you can rewatch this production if you’ve missed it or if you haven’t seen it yet.


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