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The Away From Home Festival with Louis Tomlinson was a blast!

Louis Tomlinson’s – Away From Home Festival

When Louis Tomlinson revealed a few months ago that the “Away From Home Festival,” which was created and curated by Louis himself, would be returning after making a huge premiere at the Crystal Palace Bowl in the UK last year, we kind of expected it. But wow, did he amaze us (again)! First, let’s talk about the magnificent location he chose: the Marenostrum Fuengirola in Malaga, which hosted almost 17,000 spectators (it was sold out, of course). And just on Instagram, almost 60,000 people were watching the live video! enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy the performances of so many artists while being surrounded by a beautiful castle befitting our one and only king Louis Tomlinson and a breathtaking sea vista.

Tomlinson took most care of his fans

Tomlinson once again showed how much he cares about his Louies and how much thought he put into this entire project, trying to stay as environmentally friendly as possible: from opening a merchandise stand in the castle even to people who didn’t get tickets, to giving FREE customized reusable cups for their drinks, to handing out FREE water bottles, to including vegan and gluten-free food options, to making sure security kept the crowd hydrated – like, literally. And yes, we are aware that the majority of this should be at a minimum, but IT. ISN’T. The fact that Louis consistently manages to stand out—oftentimes without even attempting—makes him even more unique.

Played lots of playlists

Tommo played several songs from his fantastic debut album Walls (R.I.P. ), including “Too Young,” “Two Of Us,” and “Perfect Now.” You will never be forgotten. , his unreleased songs “Change(s)” (yeah, I’m still not sure about the s, sorry not sorry) and “Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy” (which we still hope will make it to LT2), the “7” and “Beautiful War” covers he faithfully pays homage to, as well as some updated One Direction bangers. We all assumed he could sing a new song because he’s been tease-teasing us by hiding the LT2 tracklist in images he posts on his YouTube community – subscribes to his channel! – and when right after “Change(s),” his band started playing a different melody, we ALL thought we were finally right.

Louis Tomlinson is a living example that nothing can stop you if you work hard

Louis asked the audience to join in, and they surprised us with a stunning indie-rock rendition of “Night Changes” that joined the standard songs “Drag Me Down,” “Little Black Dress,” and “Through the Dark.” Even though we may not have learned anything new last night, it will happen sooner than we anticipate. It’s called overstimulation, innit? Tomlinson keeps dropping hints and fragments across his social media, so LT2 is DEFINITELY coming and it’s also closer than we’re ready for. When he was younger, he initially believed that he wouldn’t be able to perform as a solo artist at any festivals, but now he organizes and curates his own. Louis Tomlinson is a living example that nothing can stop you if you work hard, never give up, pursue your dreams, and remain honest, hum