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The ashes of Lauren Goodger’s daughter Lorena were inked into her tattoo

According to , using her daughter’s ashes in the ink made this touching tribute to her late daughter a “special” one. Lorena was Lauren’s second child with her former boyfriend Charles Drury and the former Towie actress suffered a devastating loss when she tragically passed away moments after she was born.

Lauren profoundly marked Lorena’s short life by having her tattooed on her forearm with the name Lorena. There is a special tribute to Lorena on the ink of the 35-year-old, which shows Lorena’s name written in cursive and a butterfly in the background, which she shared on to express the special tribute to her.

It was Lauren who posted in her Instagram stories on Sunday that her Lorena tattoo has been inked with her ashes. There is something special about it. Those ashes are now part of me forever, and I will carry them with me wherever I go.

There are a lot of things on my list that I have to do every single day, either for my babies, my home, or for my future for my Larose and my baby. This was one item on my list that was on my mind every single day, and now it has made it to the top. I am so glad I checked it off.

As of today, the reality star had already posted a new picture of the tattoo captioned “Today is my special day devoted to you, my baby girl” which was accompanied by Celine Dion’s A Mother’s Prayer as background music.

A one-year-old daughter named Larose is also part of Lauren and Charles’ family. As a result of having two knots in the umbilical cord, which had been tied around Lorena’s neck at birth, Lorena passed away in July. It was too late for ten doctors to save her, according to the Mail.

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