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Terry Silver of Cobra Kai defends the culprit of Season 5 Arc

Thomas Ian Griffithith played the bad guy Silver in the Part 3

His comeback on the Karate kid’s reboot, , was first released at the end of .

Silver’s full arrival in Season 4 marked a significant change in the bond of all the Show’s main leads. In the beginning, Silver was only a friend to . John convinced him to join the Cobra Kai Dojo.

Silver got his way through and attained full control over the Cobra Kai. Kreese is being accused of assault.

In Season 5, Silver owns the Cobra Kai and is expanding it into a Valley Swallowing Franchise.

Seeing Silver as the bad guy in Cobra Kai is unbelievable, as, in season 4, he overcame evil

Although there is more to the character of Silver, there are more layers to unfold for Silver.
Griffith had a soft corner for his character Silver, as he said in an defending Silver.
Of course, there’s good in him. Of course! You must find that commonality with every character [you play]; that understanding. And underneath it, he would love to be ’s friend; he would love to be Chozen’s friend. He has devoted his life to something, and when he feels that’s being taken away, he has to lean into that to say, “I’m going to commit 100%, and I’m going to make it happen at all costs.”

Chozen, the other opponent from Karate Kid, has made a comeback to the Cobra Kai. The latter had appeared in Season 3 and informed Daniel about the extremes of . Chozen and Daniel are one unit.

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Chozen and Daniel are a team set to Destroy Silver and his Valley of Cobra Kai

While Griffith believes Silver would happily get together with , the circumstances now differ.
Silver is a character who can take any steps to fulfil his dreams and ambitions, be it including the frame people or rig tournaments.
Even though Silver may have some good in him, he will still be a worthy opponent for Chozen and Daniel’s union.
The character of Silver must have something good to showcase for the audience to believe in him.
The writers of Cobra Kai are keen on portraying Silver as the Bad guy and not bringing more about his character to the audience. It seems like he expanded his dojo into an empire that has kept the whole Valley in a fight. Or flight. Mode.