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Surprising! Luke Combs’ performance is for free due to vocal issues

The audience gets a refund

Before performing at , said he had refunded the money as he couldn’t sing well during the concert.

He addressed his audience with a little note

“I must let you know that I have refunded all your tickets as of 7 p.m. today, a few hours ago.” 

His voice wasn’t up to the mark and not worth the money the audience paid, so he spoke to his fans before beginning his concert. He had some issues with his vocals, which were not worth paying for in the future. So he surprised his fans by offering a free show and refunding the ticket money to all the fans who came to hear him.

Luke to put up a better show next time

There was another incident where Luke paid $140 to youngsters who piked wood to collect money and attend his concert. One of them was turning 12. The singer is very emphatic with his fans.

Gestures and Kindness run in his blood

Conely even helped , who is battling Acute .

He met Addi and shared so much that it made the family emotional. Conely’s mother took to his Instagram and praised Luke for his Kindness.

On learning about Conely’s condition, the “When it rains, it pours” singer flew her to Ohio with his team to give her an experience she could never have imagined.

Combs is busy with his “,” covering the northern cities of America.