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Stormi was yanked out of my vagina by Kris and Kylie!!!

claims that her mother helped with her

Kylie Jenner claims that her mother, , was extremely involved in delivering her first child. This week on “The Late Late Show,” the cosmetics tycoon spilt the beans about Kris Jenner’s delivery style to James Corden, talking about what it’s like to be around Kris while she’s giving birth. An establishment she has visited frequently over the years, both for the sake of her own children and of her grandchildren. When it got to Stormi, the situation was. According to Kylie, Kris was pretending to be a doctor when she reached up into her birth canal and pulled the baby out. It would appear that she accomplished this independently, with specialists on standby.

In charge of the camera

Kris made it clear that she would not be going in barehanded or doing anything else; it appears that she used gloves and cleansed the area, so we can assume that it was genuine and clean. Nevertheless, although it is hardly a stroll in the park, Kris enthusiastically attacked it. When they tried again, she was in charge of the camera.

Kylie Jenner and haven’t decided on a name for their son

In other news about children, Kylie Jenner has revealed that she and Travis Scott have not yet decided on a permanent name for their son, who was given the moniker Wolf and is officially called that. However, it seems that the parents reconsidered their decision and decided to give their son a different name, which she did not disclose.
It would appear that Kylie and her parents have not yet decided what they want to call their son, but according to Kylie, they will come to a decision at some point in the future and share it with the public.