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Six exclusive movies are quietly removed from HBO Max

Netflix just removed six movies from its Max service without announcing it, and we’re left wondering why. What made HBO Max remove these Max Originals? They were labeled Max Originals, so why were they removed? There appears to be no other option but to go with Warner Bros. April 2022 marked the merger of Discovery Inc.

and Discovery, the entertainment conglomerate. The films taken out are “,” a sci-fi romantic comedy starring and from 2022; “Superintelligence,” a sci-fi rom-com starring and from 2020; and the remake of “The Witches,” starring from 2020.

A 2020 comedy about a Jewish immigrant who falls into a vat of pickles and is preserved for 100 years, a 2021 heist film starring Anne Hathaway and , and a 2020 drama about Baltimore’s exclusive dirt bike culture, “.

“In addition, HBO Max has removed LeBron James’ “House Party” reboot from its release calendar after it was originally scheduled for July 28. What’s going on? Warner Bros. There is no announcement that Discovery is pulling these films, which is why viewers are concerned.

Warner Bros. could use it to weed out underperforming films and reduce their payment obligations. There is also the possibility that Warner Bros. It is expected that Discovery will reveal its second-quarter earnings for 2022 on August 4.

In Variety, Warner Bros. is reporting that WarnerMedia has merged with Warner Bros. Discovery and is indebted to the tune of $43 billion.HBO Max and other streaming services usually update their content when they switch it out. Not so here.

These six films have not been announced in recent HBO Max content announcements. On HBO Max, you can still watch several Warner Bros. films that are exclusive to HBO, just not these specific films.

“House Party,” “Moonshot,” and “Scoob: Holiday Haunt” were all featured in a video released in 2021 before HBO Max finalized the merger. The video has since been removed from YouTube, while “House Party” and “Scoob: Holiday Haunt” were scrapped together with the new “Batgirl.

“It’s not clear why HBO Max removed these films, other than to prepare for the upcoming earnings meeting in 2022. Warner Bros. may have been underperforming compared to other companies. Titles from Discovery.

Nevertheless, these films are still available to rent or buy through other services such as Prime Video if you want to watch them. Fans of “” will be disappointed to hear that all 8 films will leave HBO Max at the end of August. To make things up, the streaming service will add 28 films from A24, including “Room,” “Ex Machina,” and the new “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

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