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Sister Wives Season 17: A Quick roundup on the deceased members of the Brown family

is one of the popular series on featured with polygamous marriages. The Brown family has lost some noteworthy members throughout the years, yet the group continues to exist. Here, we take a look at every Brown family member who has kicked the bucket in the series, even though the drama factor this time around may be better than in prior seasons.

Kody’s brother Curtis Brown died!

Curtis was born on 24th September 1978. Curtis Brown was the brother of on Season 4, Episode 7, titled ‘Brown Boys Do Vegas, ‘ aired in 2012. Motorcycles were a passion of his life. On 17th July 2013, he died from injuries in a motorcycle accident and was buried on 22nd June. At the time of his death, his wife Erica Brush had three children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Kody’s father is dead!

William was born on 28th August 1934. Kody’s father was William as he gave more than one blow to the audience on season 6 of the TLC. He was buried in the same episodes as Curtis. They both died a few months apart. He had ten children: Cindy, Lorilyn, Kody, Christy, Tricia, Curtis, Travis, Nicole and Michael.

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lost her younger sister Teresa!

Teresa was born on 2nd May 1973. Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody as her younger sister died at a younger age on 6th February 2006. In 1996, Teresa and her husband, , married and died a decade later. Meri lost her sister to colon cancer less than a year after her diagnosis.

died in 2015!

Marc was born on 29th June 1967. Meri Brown’s elder brother Marc Barber was in emotional and physical pain. He had a mental health issue. Marc had nine living children and six grandchildren. Meri revealed that her mother, called her at 2:00 am with this shocking news.

Meri Brown’s nephew Brady Barber Laws!

Brady was born on 12th January 1987. He was the son of Meri’s older brother Marc Barber. Brady’s parents divorced as he moved in with his mother at 13 to Lampasas in Texas. Meri revealed a cause of death after his demise at the Rollins Brook Community Hospital in Texas.

Bonnie Ahlstrom died!

Bonnie Ahlstrom appeared on several episodes of Sister Wives, including season 15, Episode 7, as she stayed with Meri during the COVID-19 pandemic. She had seven children, while Bill had 18 other children with his four other wives. She died on 26th march 2021.

Meri Brown’s father died!

was the father of Meri Brown. She lost her father a few years before their TLC show began. He was 65 at the time of his death and died on 5th September 2007. Meri revealed he died after saying he wanted all of them to have a party. They held a funeral in Sandy, Utah, where the event sounded sad.