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Shocking revelation! Prince Harry disclosed some unnerving facts regarding Queen’s demise

learned that his grandmother, the Queen, had died. The Duke of Sussex was made aware of the Queen's passing five minutes before being found to the public. told his son before he landed in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was just a few minutes before the announcement from .

Harry was treated no different from any other family members, and he couldn't be in regular contact with everyone leading up to . The source said, ‘Everybody was trying to get where they needed to be; that was the focus.

Not yet received an official announcement

The King was most adamant that the official statement must not be released to the public until all family members had been informed. Members of the reportedly informed about the Queen's ailing health before her death when her condition wasn't dire enough to have everyone besides her. King Charles informed both Prince Harry and to get on flights to Scotland. 

Harry received the call sometime after William, making it difficult for his aides to find the last-minute flights. He took off the flight at 5.35 pm from Luton Airport in Bedfordshire, an hour after UK Prime Minister had been informed of the Queen's death. Harry told her death before 6.30 pm. The royal family prepares for the Queen's funeral, and the gap between Harry and the rest of the family is clear. 

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The royal family finally gathered on Saturday night

Shocking revelation! Prince Harry disclosed some unnerving facts regarding Queen's demise

On Saturday night, the Duke of Sussex joined Prince William and the Queen's six other grandchildren to hold a vigil over Her Majesty's coffin. Prince Harry was given extraordinary permission to wear his Blues and Royals uniform, including medals he earned during two hours in Afghanistan. Harry and Meghan Markle were sent an invitation for the Sunday night event. A spokesperson for KingCharlesIII confirmed that the invite is for working members of the royal family only. A new plan developed by KingCharles could also see Harry even further ostracized from the royal family. The new sovereign's plan to slim down the royal family could see and made counselors of state.

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