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Shocking comeback from Sheree after 01st attempt failure

A surprise visit from an ex-boyfriend tempered the finale of Sunday’s season finale of , which saw Shereé Whitfield stage her first fashion show after 14 years. As Whitfield confessed to the cameras, he said he had done everything he could to cover the wedding. The venue is booked, but the clothes, that’s another matter. 

Afterward, Whitfield revealed that her pieces were not being produced as she had hoped. The production house in New York promised that she would have everything to me in time, but right now, she hasn’t sent anything to me. I’m getting frustrated because I don’t know what I’m getting.

Sheree’s fashion life

She said that flashbacks Post caused the red in her eyes. She still feels embarrassed. I can no longer allow that to happen. I will not let it happen again. As Whitfield failed to produce and produce quality samples for her first fashion show on RHOA’s first season in 2008, she could not show samples to her guests. 

Whitfield revealed on the night before the show that she had only five pieces and was waiting for 19 more. She had five pieces and 19 more to receive. “At this point, I am doing everything I can, but I have no control over the clothes,” she said.

Gilliams and in fashion runway

walked into the room, adding more stress to her already stressful situation. “I thought I’d catch you off guard,” he said. The last time Whitfield had planned to meet Gilliams in Philadelphia, he didn’t appear. “So, you just pop up, but when I was in your city, you weren’t there,” Whitfield explained. 

A recent parolee, Gilliams, said, “I am on home confinement because that’s not how it works.” ‘I live in Philadelphia all the time. I go to restaurants; why would you not tell me that?” she asked.

Is it Whitfield who shows interest

The plan is not to go there and publicize it. “This is not what you said you were going to do,” he said. The angry Whitfield asked, “Why are you here today? Are you remorseful? Are you sorry? You have no regrets?” It would be pointless for me to apologize to you for helping me return to prison. 

She replied, “I was humiliated. You can’t pretend that you didn’t do anything wrong and not apologize.” After walking out, he replied, “I certainly don’t owe you an apology.” Whitfield confirmed the number of looks she’d received the morning of her fashion show. Whitfield, however, was uninterested in Gilliams’ flowers.

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She said she is relieved that her prison bae days are over. “I don’t know how I put up with that for so long,” Whitfield said, who is currently dating Love & Marriage , . In the end, Whitfield delivered an outstanding performance, and her co-stars couldn’t be happier. 

The 46-year-old said, “I’m very proud of her for pushing through and doing what she had to do to get it done.” In Whitfield’s words, “I achieved success after 14 years. There have been ups and downs. There have been a lot of disappointments. I tell everyone who feels like they can’t succeed to keep pushing with prayer, determination, and hard work.