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Shocking!! 1.5 Million Followers at the age of 3! These celebrity kids have massive following on social media

Thousands of Fans

There are a bunch of tiny beings on this planet that are now unconcerned with anything other than having fun and grinning broadly for the camera. We’re referring to the offspring of the most renowned Hollywood stars. Through social media, these kids and teens have captured the public’s hearts, and they already have thousands of fans.

Given that her last name is self-explanatory, you presumably already know whose daughter the stunning Stella Banderas is. Although ’ daughter chose not to pursue a career in acting like her father, she is no stranger to the cameras as a skilled model. On Instagram, she has 187K followers.

Chanel Nicole, who has grown up in a very well-known and adored family, is the daughter of rapper and .

This is how, at the age of six, she has amassed 447K Instagram followers. According to her bio, she is an iPad professional, fashionista, Roblox player, animal lover, international traveller, and model and actress through blood lineage.

Even though ’ youngest child is just six years old, he already has more than 535K Instagram followers.

His excursions, games, and a lot of the time he spends with his father and siblings are the subjects of the majority of his articles. The other two tiny ones, meanwhile, have accounts that are flooded with likes. Beckett, 4, has 56K followers, while Maverick, 2, has 26.6K.

Olympia, age 4, is the child of a businessman and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and tennis icon .

The young girl’s parents already oversee her Instagram account despite how young she is. She only refers to herself as an “adventurer” in the description. She already has 638K followers who follow her day-to-day activities!

Due to his father placing him in the credits of his album “Grateful” as an executive producer even though he was a newborn, DJ Khaled’s kid has been destined for success since the first year of his existence! He has 1.5 million Instagram followers today, and we can now add pre-school graduation to his list of achievements. He is five years old.