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Sheree Whitfield Of ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Terrifies Critics By Pulling Off Her Fashion Show 14 Years After Disastrous Initial Attempts

Final Season

On Sunday’s final season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield put on the She by Sheree fashion show 14 years after her disastrous first attempt but not without some bumps in the road, including a visit from an ex.

At this point, she did everything she could do, Whitfield told cameras during a confessional. The venue is booked; however, the clothes are another story. Whitfield then disclosed that she was having issues with the production of her pieces.

She outsourced some work to a production house in New York and promised to have everything in time, but now, she has nothing for me. She won’t know what I’m getting, how many pieces I’m getting, and I’m getting frustrated. I’m seeing red, she continued. I am beginning to have flashbacks and PTSD from the fashion show with no fashion 14 years ago. I am still embarrassed. She cannot, will not allow that to happen again.

Sheree Whitfield was naive during her initial attempt at a fashion show 

Sheree Whitfield Of 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Terrifies Critics By Pulling Off Her Fashion Show 14 Years After Disastrous Initial Attempts (2)

In RHOA’s first season in 2008, Whitfield’s initial attempt at putting on a fashion show did not exactly go as planned, as she did not have any samples to show her guests due to poor production and quality. The night before the show, Whitfield disclosed and had five pieces and was waiting on 19 more. It is not looking so good right now, she said. At this point, I’m doing all I can, and the clothes are out of my hands. As if she was not under enough stress, her ex-boyfriend walked in.

So, you pop up, but when she was in your city, you couldn’t pop up, by Whitfield, considering the moment she planned to meet up with Gilliams in Philadelphia; however, he never showed up. Not why I’m on home confinement, said , who recently got out of prison. It doesn’t work that way. Why wouldn’t you tell me that? She asked. We go to restaurants. What are you talking about? We are not going there and publicizing it, he said. You weren’t saying you were taping.

Why would I apologize for what you did to help me return to prison? He asked. That’s not going to happen. She was f—ing, she responded. She doesn’t want you here. You cannot tell me you are not going to apologize to me like you have not done anything wrong.

Whitfield wowed everyone at Fashion Show Morning with her distinctive looks

Whitfield revealed that she had finally received 24 looks plus extras on the morning of the fashion show. And while Gilliams did show up with flowers, Whitfield had nothing to do with him. It is a wrap-on prison Bae, who is currently dating Love & Marriage , . It feels so good, and you do not know. I can’t even believe I put up with that.

Whitfield put on the show of a lifetime, and her co-stars couldn’t be prouder of her. After 14 years, she did it, Whitfield told the cameras. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve had a lot of let-downs. She wants everyone who feels like they can’t do it to keep pushing with prayer, determination, and hard work. It will pay off.

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