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She Recalls Her Bad Experience As Emotional Abuse In Past Relationship

The Emotional Abuse

The successful and hot favourite actress shared that playing the character of , a woman experiencing emotional abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, held a special significance for her.

She opened up publicly in an interview that she was coming out of a personal experience with emotional and abuse, which was published on Sept. 7.

She thinks her rep sent it to her because her boyfriend knew what she had been dealing with and sent it along. Just because he was like, that sort of speaks to everything that anyone has been talking to her about.

She Didn’t Say A Name 

opened up more about the former but declined to name to who she was referring.

She explained that she was in a situation where she loved and trusted that person more than she trusted herself. Thus, when that person tells anyone that she has a distorted sense of reality, that she is impossible, and that all the stuff that anyone thinks is going on is not going on, anyone’s life gets confused quickly.

Kendrick continued, “And she was in a situation where, in the end, she had the unique experience of finding out that everything she thought was going on was going on. Thus, she had this kind of springboard for feeling and recovery that a lot of people don’t get.”

In addition, throughout the whole story, our star said that reassessing what had “really happened” in her relationship was “the hardest task of her adult life” and that her body still thinks it was her fault.

“So even with this concrete jumping-off point for her, to walk out of that relationship knowing that she wasn’t crazy,” she added, “it’s incredible the way that recovery has been so challenging.”

Kendrick’s Statement 

In her statement, she said it felt distinct in that she had, frankly, seen a lot of movies about abusive or , and it didn’t look like what was happening to her; it kind of assisted her in normalizing and minimizing what was happening to her, because she thought, if she were in an abusive relationship, it would look like that.