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She-Hulk is on its way to funk you! Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat

There is no doubt : Attorney at Law has drawn from the deepest depths of Marvel, from Daredevil to Wong, from violent streets to mystic arts. Doctor Strange’s Wong again delves into the mystical world in the latest episode as he recruits Jennifer Walters for a magical legal case. With the introduction of Moon Knight, Blade, and Werewolf by Night in Phase 4, Marvel’s mystical world has only grown stronger in the MCU. However, there are one supernatural hero fans still want to see in live-action: , the Spirit of Vengeance.

The latest Marvel legend to be referenced on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is Ghost Rider, who is a candidate for the role played by Norman Reedus on The Walking Dead.

Another name’s for

Firstly, Donny Blaze, the former Mystic Arts student at the centre of this magical legal tale, is named after the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze. An unknown actor made a cameo portrayal of Blaze in Agents of the shield before Nicolas Cage played the character in 2007’s Ghost Rider.

Several people confused the blurry sign on the poster for the name of Johnny Blaze when viewing the previous trailer for She-Hulk, prompting speculation that a Ghost Rider cameo or Easter egg may appear in the series. According to She-Hulk co-writer Jessica Gao, Donny Blaze “is not Ghost Rider,” but he picked a stage name he hoped would gain attention.

A Demon Pact

The portal that sent Donny Blaze’s Madisynn to Nepal eventually brought her to the relationship between Madisynn and Wong, but she had her adventures before that. Trying to escape a “difficult dimension” where goblins and a “talking goat attacked her”, Blaze sent her to this girl: “Getting six drops of my blood, he sent me to another dimension, where I escaped a lava pit with the help of a talking goat.”

It’s a nod to Ghost Rider’s classic origin because Madisynn made a deal with a demon to get out of another dimension. To save his father’s life, Blaze made a deal with Mephisto to sacrifice his soul, so he became Ghost Rider during the night after being consumed by hellfire.

Copycat Wong

The Sorcerer Supreme uses a magical chain to catch the demons from another dimension and throw them through a portal into a snowy area during the fight between Wong and She-Hulk. Multiple versions of Ghost Rider have used the chain, which is one of the most recognizable features of his classic look.

Is ghost Rider to join MCU?

MCU fans have eagerly anticipated Ghost Rider’s arrival for years, but speculation has only intensified over the past few months. In the Multiverse of Madness, the Spirit of Vengeance almost appeared as an Illuminati member in Doctor Strange. However, he was never introduced. A recent report said an actor was in talks to play Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Marvel Studios is looking for actors, their plans for Ghost Rider should be announced soon.

There’s a chance he’ll finally appear in Blade or another supernatural film, or maybe his solo project will fit into Phase 6. Clearly, the MCU is planning on releasing Ghost Rider soon, and they may be hinting at his arrival – could Donny Blaze be Johnny’s brother? Regardless, Marvel Studios faces a tough job introducing Ghost Rider, especially if they wish to avoid conflict with Agents of the shield. Any conflict with Ghost Rider could end Agent Coulson’s solo adventure, even though the Marvel TV series remains for debate about canon status.