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She gets a shout-out from the animal shelter where she was rescued for Predator Prequel Prey

In addition to the numerous talking points in Predator movie Prey, Coco the dog has captured the attention of social media. Having become one of the stars of the new movie, her former animal shelter congratulated her on her new role.

Prey has had rave reviews on Hulu, surpassing even the original Predator, and has brought Amanda Midthunder and director Dan Trachtenberg to a whole new level. Both of them, however, have been overshadowed by Coco as Midthunder’s Naru’s dog, Sarai.

Hollywood movies with good canine characters are no secret to their audiences’ hearts, from iconic dogs like Lassie and Toto to Beethoven, K-9, and Hooch, to non-central characters like Sarai who almost steal the show in their own right.

Thanks to incredibly positive test screenings, Coco’s screen time was increased and as much shot footage as possible was incorporated into the movie’s final cut. A message shared on Fulton County Animal Services’ Facebook page congratulated Coco on the success of the movie, explaining that Coco had no acting training before being adopted by a family to star in Predator.

Several years ago, following two so-so Alien vs. Predator movies, the film franchise seemed to be over, and although the two subsequent films, Predators and The Predator, weren’t as bad, it took something completely out of the box like Prey to bring the franchise to life.

While there has been no word yet about Prey’s sequel or how the Predator franchise will continue, there is certainly more life in the series now than there has been for several years. In the case of Prey, Disney’s involvement has also put to rest those fears that potential Predator movies under the House of Mouse’s control would be watered down.

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